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Block Driveways in Bradley Stoke from SJP Paving

There are many different materials that paving contractors can use to build driveways, and one that has rocketed in popularity over recent years is block paving. You don’t have to go far to find block driveways in Bradley Stoke, we know because we’ve built so many of them! On this page, the SJP Paving team have run through just a few reasons why block driveways are a fantastic choice and often preferable to concrete, brick and tarmac driveways.

4 Reasons to Choose Block Paving for Driveways in Bradley Stoke

Versatility – Block paving comes in all sorts of different colours, shapes and sizes. As such, different pavers can be mixed and matched, enabling all sorts of design possibilities. In the past, our paving contractors have been taken on to build block driveways that bear a closer resemblance to tapestries/paintings than traditional driveways by especially creative clients in Bradley Stoke!

Cost – While block driveways are usually a tad bit more expensive than concrete or tarmac driveways, they last a long time and can add a significant sum on to the value of your Bradley Stoke property. This makes them highly cost effective. Despite the “premium” look of block paving, you may be surprised by the quote that our paving contractors will hand you for block driveways. Give us a call for a free, no-obligation estimate today.

Aesthetic – Most homeowners around Bradley Stoke agree that block paving driveways look superior to concrete, tarmac and pebble stone driveways. While aesthetic is always a highly subjective topic, it is certainly our opinion that the aforementioned driveways look a lot more utilitarian/plain than block driveways, which can look rather stylish and unique.

Maintenance – If you ever suffer an accident and end up breaking part of your driveway (i.e dropping something extremely heavy), then the damaged pavers can be lifted out and replaced with new ones. This makes it much easier for our paving contractors, who cover Bradley Stoke and all surrounding areas, to repair these driveways over ones made from a uniform material – like tarmac/concrete.

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